covered. by colby stevie earrings


  • handmade by covered. by colby in Macon, GA 
  • Leather and Gold Metal 

Each day we, as women, all walk "covered" in something.  A lot of time it can be shame due to comparison, or guilt because of our shortcomings, or unease because we have forgotten what the Creator of the Universe says about us.  My prayer is that you are first and foremost "covered" in Jesus' blood, but also that you are "covered" in love and peace, walking bolding in the confidence that comes from knowing whose you are.

When we know Jesus, we are FREE; We are forgiven; Never Forsaken; We are more than good enough because of Jesus, and we are SO INCREDIBLY LOVED.

I pray that you enjoy shopping my designs, but that you never find your worth in them.  I am thankful for you, and I am praying for you.

 Colby Garrison

Founder & Designer of Covered. by Colby